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You Make Me Want to Be a Better Blogger

as good as it gets

I love the movie "As Good as It Gets".  In in it, Jack Nicholson awkwardly yet successfully woos Helen Hunt, despite his severe OCD and other social issues.  In a key scene in the movie, he tells her "You make me want to be a better man".  I feel this way today about the new Workforce Institute blog site.

My colleague Steve Tisa stayed up late last night to finish an upgrade of our site to give us a cleaner and more readable format.  My colleagues Jenna Maver and Laura Souza have been collaborating with Steve and me over the last few months to clarify our objectives for making a change, and sorting through a lot of design options to get here.

Having a fresh new playing field makes me want to be a better blogger, but I have to say the website pales next to my desire to make my colleagues feel their efforts were worth it.


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