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What’s Trending in Talent Acquisition? Overcoming the Perfect Storm

We’re launching a special partner series with Employ, called “What’s Trending in Talent Acquisition?” Over the next two weeks, industry experts from UKG will dive into new research from Employ and discuss current talent acquisition trends across industries, from healthcare and manufacturing to logistics and the public sector.
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New UKG Study Reveals AI’s at Work — Whether You Know It or Not

A global study out this week from UKG, which has provided AI-driven solutions since 2015, finds many people are already using AI at work and at home. UKG partnered with the firm Workplace Intelligence — alongside its managing partner and UKG Workforce Institute advisory board member Dan Schawbel — to survey more than 4,000 people in 10 countries. The study asked C-suite executives, managers, and employees for their true feelings about AI, and whether they’re currently using or planning to use AI in the workplace within the next five years. 
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Industry Insights: A Look at the Latest Leading Healthcare Industry Brief  

We’re at an inflection point in healthcare, where the transformation that’s needed requires a new way of thinking. The Fall 2023 Leading Healthcare industry brief is now published, and we are thrilled to provide a preview of what you can expect from reading it, from advisory board member Nanne Finis.
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Transforming the Team: Five Weeks to Improved Performance

The UKG Workforce Institute is excited to kick off a collaborative, culture-focused effort with Ankura called “Transforming the Team.” Each week, for the next five weeks, guest contributor Mark Cappellino from the Ankura Talent Advisory team, along with UKG Workforce Institute advisory board member and Ankura colleague John Frehse, will provide actionable strategies and weekly exercises to help leaders transform their cultures, starting at the individual and team levels.
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Is This a Turning Point for Manufacturing?

Anyone working in, or associated with, the manufacturing industry knows all-too well the multitude of talent-related challenges plaguing the sector, including recruiting issues and turnover woes. The UKG Workforce Institute has monitored this situation closely over the past four years, conducting an annual research survey to understand the current state of manufacturing and how HR leaders at U.S.-based manufacturing organizations are addressing the talent dynamics they continue to experience. 
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It’s Time to Start Rewarding Our Resilient Frontline Workers 

Advisory board member Sarah Morgan says those who risked their own health to keep our businesses afloat, and those who took on additional responsibilities during the times when labor and talent shortages were abounding, are feeling less appreciated than ever.
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