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We share insights that engage workforces

We believe workers should be treated like the heroes they are, whether they’re hourly or salaried, frontline or remote. Since 2007, The Workforce Institute has been sharing practical, actionable insights that can help you create great workplace experiences.


Twice a week we publish articles from a full spectrum of forward thinkers who are helping hourly and salaried workers feel respected and valued at work.

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The People Purpose Podcast shares insights, strategies, and best practices from thought leaders, influencers, practitioners, speakers, and authors around the globe.

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We conduct and publish independent research and cooperate with other researchers who share our vision of enriching lives and business outcomes
through work.

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Creating great experiences is possible in any workplace

We hope you agree that every worker deserves a great workplace experience. Yet, it’s difficult to do. It requires that HR professionals and executives stop thinking in terms of employee engagement and focus instead on the employee experience.

We’re here for you. Our Advisory Board provides practical, actionable insights and recommendations that you can use to create the great experiences your employees deserve.

In fact, thousands of HR professionals use our research studies, articles, books, and informative podcasts to progress their workplaces along the HCM maturity curve. So, if you’re interested in championing change in your workplace, you’ll find a wealth of rigorous data and insightful voices on a wide range of HCM topics.

Dig in. You’re bound to find something here to help you create great workplace experiences.

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Workplace Flexibility in a Post-COVID World

Workforce Institute board member Dennis Miller writes about the issue of workplace flexibility post-COVID-19.
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Alexandra Levit Talks with Laurie Ruettimann about Expert Hacks for Those Who Want to Be and Employ the Best

Alexandra Levit Talks with Laurie Ruettimann about Expert Hacks for Those Who Want to Be and Employ the Best
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A Leap Forward in People Analytics

Workforce Institute board member David Creelman writes about the next frontier in people analytics.
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The Critical Impact of Leadership in Nursing Today

Chief Nurse Executive at UKG, Nanne Finis, writes about the impact of COVID-19 on nurse leaders and the importance of leadership in nursing today.
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How others use Workforce Institute Insights to solve people problems at work


Beth Holland-Snyder

Human Resources Coordinator
I'm loving the People Purpose Podcast! I listen to an episode on my way into work every day, and it really gets me ready to take on the day. I think each episode has valuable information and would be great for my managers to listen to so they can understand HR a little better!

Grace Johnson

I trust The Workforce Institute to deliver valuable perspectives on all kinds of HR issues… from how to provide flexibility for my front-line workers to helping with the Zoom burnout my remote workers are feeling. Their board includes experts from a variety of back-grounds and industry verticals, soI’m not just getting one person’s recommendations or insights.

Danny James

WFI provides actionable insights that help us put processes in place that show our people we care about them. Whether they’re welders, engineers, or they are hanging drywall, we’ve learned ways to make JDConstruction a place people want to work.
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