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Spreading Workplace Love (for Heart Health)

I love my heartWorkplace love isn't always a good thing - unless you're teaching employees how to take care of themselves.  Today's guest post is courtesy of Wendy Hadley who is a Benefits Specialist here at Kronos.  February is American Heart Month, but Wendy and her team decided to use the occasion to raise awareness of heart health for Kronites around the world.  Read on to learn how they did it.

The Kronos wellness team is always coming up with fun ways to reach Kronites across the world. Having a diverse workforce and remote employees in multiple time zones presents a challenge when executing programs, but it's something we love to do. February at Kronos is heart health month and we put together a campaign to inform and educate employees about heart disease and improving heart health.  This campaign involved educational webinars led by our in-house wellness coach and a photo contest.

In the early stages of planning, we took into consideration time zone, languages, and the remote population to ensure that we were maximizing our reach. For example, the webinar slide deck was translated into French and the time slots were carefully selected to accommodate our eastern hemisphere Kronites. When designing the photo contest, we tossed around the idea of producing heart-themed backdrops for major offices, but decided we'd be more effective if we focused on activities that could involve both remote and office employees.

February 13 was dubbed Love Your Heart Day and we ran the photo contest through our LiveInspired Facebook page, a page dedicated to wellness at Kronos. To participate in the contest, employees were asked to wear red outfits for heart disease awareness and take a picture of themselves holding a sign that said, “I love my heart.” The individual and group photos that received the most “likes” won a gift card and all participants receive a small prize for being involved. We saw pictures come in from all over the world including India, Canada, the UK, the corporate headquarters in Massachusetts, and many home offices. Our winner, based in the UK, spread the love even further by donating to the British Heart Foundation. We were so inspired by the selflessness, that the wellness team matched the donation.

Throughout the month of February, there is a lot of love in the workplace, love for our hearts, and love for having fun. Employers take note; love your employees, even the ones you don't see at corporate every day! And with a little planning and attention to detail, anything is possible.

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