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Workforce Institute Board Member David Creelman Wins Award for Research on Boards and HR

Our board member David Creelman (center in photo) and his colleague Andrew Lambert have won the 2013 Walker award from HRPS, a Chicago-based organization whose mission is "To bring together HR leaders, academics and trusted advisors into a member-led community to actively learn and exchange knowledge so that members can achieve their potential, drive organization performance and advance our profession".

David and Andrew were recognized for their research on the relationship between corporate boards and HR - specifically what it takes for that to be a strategic and productive working relationship.  You can read the full text of David & Andrew's research findings here.

According to David and Andrew, the top five must do's for HR leaders who wish to drive more active and productive board involvement in human capital decisions and investments are as follow:

  1. Take the lead: Don't wait for the board to ask for human capital insights. Inject thoughtful review of people issues into discussion of strategy and reputation before trouble occurs.
  2. Have a plan: It takes time to educate board members, but board time is short. Plan how to use limited opportunities to have a cumulative effect over time.
  3. Use a framework: There are many categories of people issues – from managing the board itself to HR risk to engagement – so use a framework to stay on track.
  4. Build relationships: Get to know the board members – their strengths, interests and quirks. Become the trusted guide for both the CEO and the board.
  5. Get HR-savvy board members: Boards often have no one with a deep understanding of talent and culture, so help the nominations committee find people who are HR-savvy.

What does your organization do to get board members engaged in human capital conversations beyond executive comp and benefits?

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