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What does 2010 have in store for us?

My friend William Tincup has been asking thought leaders in  human capital management for their top 3 predictions for 2010 and posting them in his blog.

I contributed the following:

  1. The battle for talent is heating up again with top talent weighing multiple job offers against yours. 
  2. HCM buyers continue to hold onto their wallets unless vendors can make personalized and defensible cases for their products and services.  Branding, SEO/SEM and e-Marketing remain crucial to driving awareness and filling the sales funnel, but people close the deals.  Marketers need to arm their sales reps with just-in-time personalized sales tools that create opportunities for 1:1 conversations.
  3. Gen Y employees' impact on corporate culture will continue to expand and manifest itself by demanding more acceptance of smart phones, social media, and flexible work options as must have elements of employee engagement.

What are your predictions?

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