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Welcome to the Workforce Institute!

Joyce maroneyToday is launch day for the Workforce Institute website and blog. I'm excited to be opening up our mission to public view, and invite you to contribute to a lively discussion of the topics we present.

Our mission is to help the community share ideas that can improve organizational performance through more effective workforce management. There are lots of resources available to organizations that focus on white collar workers, but we don't see much that addresses the concerns of the hourly workforce. Our hope is to identify actionable advice that can help managers with their entire workforce, not just the knowledge workers that are the principle focus of much that's written in the human resources arena.

I've been working in the software industry since 1982, and have focused on software that helps with people management for much of that time. I have a passion for the promise of software to help make people's lives easier and more productive at work.However, that promise comes true only when those using the software are clear on the impact it will have on people, and if they adjust their business processes accordingly.We believe we can help here by bringing together a variety of practical experts and encouraging an open dialogue among them- formally through our Board of Advisors as well as through a growing virtual network of experts.

Over the next year, we'll be working with our Board of Advisors (and hopefully with a growing number of you) to expand our content and this discussion. I hope you'll come back here often to read what's new and weigh in with your own stories from the front lines.

Joyce O'Donnell Maroney
Managing Director, Workforce Institute

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