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Treating People Well is Very Good Business

Holly James FLERTI'd like to introduce you all to Holly James, CEO of First Line Emergency Response Team (FLERT).  FLERT specializes in providing trained Quality Inspectors to the automotive containment industry.  Her folks inspect and certify parts suspected of having defects and/or parts being supplied by new vendors.  Holly started the company in 2009.  Last year, she employed over 800 people, filling temporary positions required by manufacturers of automotive parts and sub-assemblies.

I heard Holly speak at our 35th college reunion last year, and was so impressed by what she's done with her business that I wanted to share it.  Holly is not only an impressive entrepreneur and job creator, she is transforming lives. Holly employs mostly unskilled and semi-skilled workers.  Many have challenges that make it difficult for them to secure and hold onto work, including lack of education, criminal records and single parenthood.  Holly not only provides them with jobs, she provides a broad network of practical supports that help them keep those jobs.

Listen in on our conversation below.  Holly says "treating people well is very good business".  You will be impressed and moved by Holly's commitment to her team and the tough love approach that keeps them committed to her.

FLERT Workers

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