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The Pleasures (and Burdens) of the Staycation

The good news - I'm on vacation this week.  A week that ends with a 3-day weekend - bonus day!  The weather is supposed to be great almost every day of the coming week - and I live in a beach town.  In fact, my town was a popular summer destination for generations of Bostonians seeking relief from the heat.  Sounds great, right?

Except if you're addicted, as I am, to knocking items off my domestic to do list.   These are the things that either need to be done during normal business hours or that often seem too daunting during nights or weekends.  Here, in no particular order, are things on my Google task list for the week:

  • Donate or dispose of the furniture in the basement that neither of the adult children has seen fit to use in their own homes.  In fact, donate/dispose of/recycle all manner of extraneous stuff in the basement and garage.
  • Meet with attorney to revise will last updated in 1999.  A lot has changed since then.
  • Make drapes for our study - actually remake drapes of my late mother's so that I have that remembrance of her fabulous taste.
  • Sort out music collection - my iTunes library exceeds the capacity of my iPhone.  Not sure I actually really listen to the 1566 songs I have - and there are still lots of CD's to copy.
  • Update list of IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS needed in the event of catastrophe - probably most important of all, but scary to think about.
  • Solve problem of Mole infestation in back yard due to elderly dog no longer a threat, evidently.  This ain't no Wind in the Willows...
  • Husband starting new job on September 4th that requires wardrobe upgrade and new phone - so dragging him shopping is mandatory.
  • Daughter just moved into new condo 30" away - on standby to wait for a variety of skilled trades people to get stuff fixed/delivered/installed, etc.

For me, polishing off these items that plague me from the back burner constitute a great way to spend a vacation.  My husband doesn't share my zeal for the task list, so there is a second list that includes things he likes:

  • Dinner plans with friends already made for 4 nights out of the next 7
  • Massages scheduled
  • Lobster rolls on the beach
  • Long walks on the beach (really!)
  • Spend at least some time in the hammock reading I, Robot: to protect - a book he's wanted me to read for the last 6 months

Hmmm, his list does seem more fun than mine.

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