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The Peace Marathon

April 15th is always one of the happiest days of the year in Boston. The world pays homage to the thousands of local and international runners who make the journey from Hopkinton to Boylston Street.  The Red Sox play at Fenway.  If we're lucky, it doesn't rain.

Yesterday was one of those perfect days - sunny, but cool enough for the runners.  Until the bombs went off at the finish line and the perfect day became a nightmare.  Most of us know someone who was there.  Most of us are lucky enough that our friends and family who were there yesterday are OK.  But some of the people who were there yesterday, assuming they survive their injuries, will never be the same. And some of the people who were there yesterday, including an 8 year old boy, ended their lives there on Boylston Street.

Of course we want to know who did this.  We want him, her, them to be punished - though there isn't enough punishment in the world to fix what happened yesterday in Boston.  As of now, we don't know who did this.  We don't know why it was done.  We do know it was done with deliberation,  with weapons designed to inflict maximum damage.

Achieving world peace is one of the problems that's generally assumed to be insoluble.  Human history is riddled with conflicts between warring factions.  We might even joke about it at work when we're trying to resolve an issue as in "Hey, we're not trying to achieve world peace here."  Maybe, though, we should try harder.

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