Can You Run Payroll in the Eye of a Hurricane?

Lower Manhattan was plunged into darkness at about 9:00 PM on October 29, 2012. Hurricane Sandy was at its peak, and the superstorm was hammering New York City and the northeastern seaboard with torrential winds and driving rains. One of my clients at the time was a not-for-profit, home-healthcare provider based in New York City. My client knew that, in order for its employees to be ready to git the ground running, payroll had to be run on-time despite the superstorm.

Dealing with Extreme Weather: An Inconvenient Truce

Today we've released the results of our most recent survey concerning the impact on the workplace of extreme weather. In Boston, we've had several severe workday snowstorms this year that ground the region to a halt. The picture here is from our storm on December 13th - when just about everyone's commute became a nightmare. … Continue reading Dealing with Extreme Weather: An Inconvenient Truce