Employee Centered Schedule Optimization

Today's post is from our board member, David Creelman.  David is CEO of Creelman Research, and a frequently published expert on human capital management issues.  Following is his take on why organizations should balance the productivity benefits of scheduling software with the needs of the human beings whose schedules are being managed. In Leslie Perlow’s … Continue reading Employee Centered Schedule Optimization

Has the Freelance Revolution Arrived in Your Workplace?

One of the most important issues we help our clients address is the need to match their workforce to a changing workload. One way to do this is to use workforce analytics and scheduling technology to make data driven decisions about how to deploy talent. That talent often consists of a mix of full time, … Continue reading Has the Freelance Revolution Arrived in Your Workplace?

Podcast: Creating HR Analytics That Matter

Yesterday I chatted with our board members David Creelman and William Tincup about what organizations need to do to create HR analytics that matter to the business.  Big Data is one of the linchpins of the big 4 SMAC themes in technology today: Social-Mobile-Analytics-Cloud.  Deployed alone and in various combinations, these technologies continue to transform … Continue reading Podcast: Creating HR Analytics That Matter

The Future of Big Data (Podcast)

Today I discussed the implications of big data for workforce management with our board member, David Creelman and a Kronos expert on workforce analytics, Kristen Wylie.  David Creelman is CEO of Creelman Research and does writing, research and speaking on the most critical issues in human capital management. He also  leads a community of practice … Continue reading The Future of Big Data (Podcast)

Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Board members Ruth Bramson, David Creelman and I recently met to talk about the opportunities and challenges presented by the increasingly multi-generational workforce.  The picture here makes fun of one particular cliche about Millennials, but there are differences between the generations in terms of their assumptions, preferences and beliefs about how work gets done. When … Continue reading Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Politicians Against Free Agents

Our board member, David Creelman, submits the following for your consideration.  I wrote about WaaS, Workforce as a Service, recently.  Is this the new reality? In the current political campaign in Ontario, Canada, one of the candidates proposed that the number of temporary workers in any establishment should not exceed 25 percent of the total … Continue reading Politicians Against Free Agents

Chatting About Valuing Your Workforce with David Creelman

I chatted last week with our board member David Creelman about how companies can maximize the contribution of their frontline workforce and how they might report that value to investors in the future.  David has been deeply involved in a SHRM-led effort to develop an ANSI standard for what human capital information should be reported … Continue reading Chatting About Valuing Your Workforce with David Creelman

Whose job is it to help the bad fits?

Our board member David Creelman contributed the following guest post.   Over the last 15 years or so, the technology tools available to help organizations recruit and select talent have become increasingly sophisticated and pervasive, making it much easier for employers to avoid making bad hires. In the following post, David raises the troublesome question, who's … Continue reading Whose job is it to help the bad fits?

Investor Attention to Human Capital: a New Standard

The following guest blog post is from our board member, David Creelman.  He is a member of the SHRM Metrics and Measures Taskforce and introduces their draft recommendation for standard HCM metrics below. An ANSI standard on what human capital information to report to investors has been released for public consultation by the Metrics and … Continue reading Investor Attention to Human Capital: a New Standard

Let’s Talk About Spaceships

The following blog post is courtesy of our board member David Creelman.  He explores the impact of increasingly sophisticated robotics on the future of hourly jobs.  Readers may also want to check out this recent article from the Atlantic Monthly regarding one American case study of how the tough management decisions get made regarding the … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Spaceships

Overqualified and Underrated?

Our board member, David Creelman, provided today's guest blog post: This article in Management Issues cites research showing overqualified workers stay as long or longer and perform better than candidates who are supposedly a better fit. Organizations hiring hourly workers should check if their branding discourages "overqualified" workers from applying or if the selection processes … Continue reading Overqualified and Underrated?