A.K.A. Compliance

Today's post comes to us from board member Bob Clements, Senior Principal at Axsium Group. Oregon recently became the first state in the nation to enact a fair scheduling law. The law requires employers to provide hourly employees with predictable, stable work schedules while regulating on-call shifts and promoting access to extra hours. While Oregon … Continue reading A.K.A. Compliance

Legislative Compliance – the $100,000 Bill

In our latest survey, conducted with Future Workplace, we asked 812 HR and payroll leaders about their views regarding regulatory compliance.  What we heard back is that it can cost organizations as much as $100,000 each time a federal, state, or even local labor-related regulation is created or changed. It's not surprising that changes in labor … Continue reading Legislative Compliance – the $100,000 Bill

Planning for – and Embracing – the Gig Economy

The following post comes to us courtesy of board member Veronica Baz, founder of profesionistas.org.mx, one of the most visited Spanish language sites focused on job search, career path, and work skills. As my fellow board member, David Creelman has written about here, the rise of the gig economy, driven by innovation and technological change, is transforming … Continue reading Planning for – and Embracing – the Gig Economy

Sue Meisinger Explains New FLSA Overtime Changes

  In this podcast I talk to Sue Meisinger about the US Department of Labor's proposed changes to the FLSA overtime exemption rule for salaried workers.   In July of 2015 the DoL published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, indicating that they would considerably raise the threshold for salaried workers who would be eligible for overtime under … Continue reading Sue Meisinger Explains New FLSA Overtime Changes