Road Wage – Calling in Sick (of Commuting)

Today's cartoon highlights a finding from our latest survey regarding American workers who commute - 4% of whom indicate they've called in sick in order to avoid the rigors of their commute.  For many more survey respondents (48%), their commute has a significant impact on their job satisfaction. So what are employers supposed to do … Continue reading Road Wage – Calling in Sick (of Commuting)

Sick Yet? Managing Through H1N1 Season

As more and more of our friends and neighbors are experiencing the effects of the H1N1 virus, we thought we'd weigh in with some tips of our own. As the flu season has unfolded, we've been receiving a variety of questions from our customers related to H1N1.  Because we sell data collection devices (time clocks) … Continue reading Sick Yet? Managing Through H1N1 Season

The Summertime Crunch

Our latest workforce survey reveals that 69% of US workers polled plan to take off time between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  This obviously presents challenges for employers who seek to keep their operations running smoothly throughout these peak vacation months. According to our board member Steve Hunt, what employers should NOT do is discourage … Continue reading The Summertime Crunch

Where is Everybody? (Home for the Holidays)

We've just released the results of a survey entitled "December: Vacation-Heavy Month Light on Attendance" that  we conducted with Harris Interactive to assess planned absenteeism among US workers during the upcoming holiday weeks.   Not surprisingly, 63% of those polled plan to take time off between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day.  What is surprising is that a relatively … Continue reading Where is Everybody? (Home for the Holidays)