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Summertime Absences - Where did your employees go?

vacation figureAh, summer.  The kids are out of school and the beach or lake beckon.  The vacation time has been carefully hoarded to take full advantage of beautiful weather and everybody wants to take advantage of the summer before it's over.  It gets increasingly difficult to convene a quorum for meetings, dress codes relax, and Friday afternoons become virtual ghost towns at the office.

Oy, summer.  Everybody wants to take the same days off.  Summer recreation equals summer injuries and illnesses (I guess that potato salad was out in the sun too long).  Beach days equal last minute call ins equal insufficient staffing equal lost productivity.  For managers, summer can be one of the toughest times of the year to keep their business running.

While well aware of the headaches of absenteeism, many managers do not have a clear understanding of the full costs of employee absence.   Factors such as the cost of compensating employees who are absent, the additional expense to fill the gaps with overtime or temporary labor, the drain on managers' time, lost productivity, and abuse total can average 35 percent of base payroll according to a joint study published by Mercer and Kronos.

Employees need to relax and recharge - and to take care of all of the other life issues that command their attention outside of work.  Employee absence is and always will be part of the cost of doing business.  Organizations can, however, better manage those costs with proactive policies, employee communications, and technology solutions that help track absences and quickly schedule replacements as necessary.

If you'd like to learn more about managing employee absences, we're hosting a webinar with SHRM on July 31st.  Click here and register to hear Mollie Lombardi from Aberdeen Research and Kronos experts discussing  manager/employee-absence pain points, compliance issues (especially those related to FMLA), and why you should consider automating absence management.

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