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Sick Yet? Managing Through H1N1 Season

As more and more of our friends and neighbors are experiencing the effects of the H1N1 virus, we thought we'd weigh in with some tips of our own.

As the flu season has unfolded, we've been receiving a variety of questions from our customers related to H1N1.  Because we sell data collection devices (time clocks) through which over 30 million people per day clock their time,  many of our customers are asking about strategies to reduce worker infection when many people are punching in and out through the same device.  In addition, customers are asking how to use our software to track absences specific to H1NI.  We created this resource guide to compile answers to these and other questions.  In addition to the resources listed in the above referenced resource guide, there are excellent recommendations in these OSHA and SHRM sites related to prevention, presenteeism and FMLA compliance.

I've written a few posts in the past related to presenteeism; i.e. sick workers coming to work and negatively impacting the productivity of their co-workers.   This phenomenon can affect all employers, some of whom still make it hard for sick workers to stay away.  See this story on Walmart demerits for sick employees.  This story is followed by over 100 comments from employees with similar stories to tell.

What's your employer doing to minimize the impact of H1N1?

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