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Put Down the Technology and Step Away from the Keyboard

Our latest whitepaper, Empowering the Hourly Workforce Through Enterprise Workforce Management, comes to us courtesy of our board member Tim Lett of the Axsium Group.   Tim addresses the importance of engaging employees as part of the implementation and ongoing use of workforce management technology.

Tim's company helps organizations deploy a wide range of workforce management technology solutions.  While the products they work with may vary, the time tested advice Tim offers is consistent.  Take the time to scope your requirements fully and involve representatives of the relevant stakeholders in your project to ensure project success.  Here are a few tips:

  • Involve representatives of the end user community in your pre-implementation requirements gathering.  Incorporate returns related to employee empowerment and self service in the business case for the project.
  • You need to have an executive sponsor with sufficient authority to push a project through the normal obstacles to any change effort.  To make that sponsorship work, you need to arm that executive with communications support to ensure that all stakeholders are informed and persuaded to participate and cooperate throughout an implementation project.
  • Establish a balanced scorecard of relevant metrics that will be used to measure progress and success over time.
  • There is no such thing as over communication during a major change effort.

Read the whitepaper and listen to a podcast of my discussion with Tim to learn more.

> Listen to the Podcast with Tim Lett of the Axsium Group

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