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Punching in at the Ritz Carlton

touchid.jpgIn a new article we've published,  Are Hourly Workers Professionals?David Creelman explores the qualities that differentiate professionals who happen to be paid by the hour from those who are merely punching the clock to earn a living.  In his article, he talks about duration in the job, content that requires expertise, and a feeling of pride in the job as the key attributes of an hourly professional worker. 

"OK", you say, "I get how that might work for nurses, technicians and other skilled professions.  But how about store clerks, janitors, and other relatively lower skilled jobs?"  David cites examples from just these kinds of jobs in his article.   While several of his examples are drawn from outside of the United States, we can see recent examples here where companies have ignored the professionalism of their front line staff to their financial detriment.  Circuit City and Best Buy have been in the news lately, with the latter's superior results frequently linked to its investments in its employees and customer service.

Check out the article and let us know of your experiences with front line professionals who've won your business and your loyalty.

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