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Preparing for Compliance Changes in Uncertain Times

TWS35.600.ruleschangeOne of our annual predictions for 2017 is that "legislative and economic uncertainty reigns supreme" around the world.  Brexit in the UK, a new President in Washington, changes coming in France - the list goes on and on.   We also said that "Organizations- with HR caught in the middle - will need to react with agility to keep pace with new legislation, interpret laws appropriately, and continue to retain top workers while remaining compliant."

While that uncertainty continues, organizations are doing what they can to prepare themselves for potential changes that will impact their workforce strategy.  My Kronos colleague Kristen Wylie and Cliff Stevenson, principal analyst at Brandon Hall Group, are hosting a webinar with SHRM on Tuesday, March 14 at 4:00 pm EDT to talk about how to prepare when the goals are uncertain.

They'll be discussing:

  • How your organization's level of readiness compares to that of your peers amid changes in administration and policies
  • Minimizing risk through technology and automation
  • Finding your organization on the compliance climate matrix and learning real-world next steps

If you'd like to attend the webinar, you can register here.





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