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Podcast: Peter Navin of Grand Rounds on the Path to CHRO

Today's post is from Joyce Maroney, Executive Director of the Workforce Institute.

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Peter Navin, the senior vice president of employee experience at Grand Rounds, a company that provides an employer-based solution that gives employees and their families the technology, information and support they need to make decisions about whether and where to receive medical treatment. Before joining Grand Rounds, Peter has had a long and varied career in human resources leadership at companies like DocuSign and Shutterfly. He has also recently authored a Harvard Business Review article with Workforce Institute Board member David Creelman and fellow HR luminary John Boudreau on the topic of Why More Executives Should Consider Becoming a CHRO.

In this podcast recording of our conversation, you'll learn how Peter's career led him to the CHRO role and what advice he has for others who are CHRO's or who aspire to be.  He shares his four principles for creating a culture of engagement and performance as well as how executives aspiring to the CHRO role can prepare to make that move.

You'll also hear his responses to the following questions, among others:

  • Grand Rounds was recently voted #2 on GlassDoor's Best Places to Work list. What about Grand Rounds do you think stood out to Glassdoor? What is the culture at Grand Rounds and what are you trying to achieve there in HR?
  • On your website, you say that your team and culture at Grand Rounds are gifts and that you work hard to treat them that way -how does this mindset inform the work your team does?
  • Tell us a little more about your recent article about why more executives should try being CHRO's - what surprised you most about the research findings shared in that article?
  • Have you found executives  are reluctant to take on the CHRO role? If so - why?
  • If a business leader were interested in pursuing a CHRO role, what does she or he need to do to prepare for that transition?
  • Finally, what advice would you give to someone who is interested in getting into the HR field - what do you think makes an attractive entry-level candidate in the industry?

Listen to the podcast below:

Are you an HR professional?  What would be your tips for someone who wishes to advance in the profession?

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