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Please Re-Subscribe to the Workforce Institute

Dear Workforce Institute followers,

Hopefully you've noticed that we've been upgrading this site recently.  One additional change we need to make is to upgrade our subscription options for those of you who wish to be notified when new content is added to our site.

If you came to the site today because you got an email notice of new content OR because you subscribe via a feed reader such as Google Reader or Yahoo, then you need to re-subscribe at by 5/10/10.

Email Notification: If you prefer to be notified by email, you can sign up for email notifications on the homepage at

Feed Readers: If you're using a feed reader such as Google Reader or Yahoo, please update the URL in your feed reader to  Alternatively, you can click on the RSS feed icon in the upper right corner of the and set up a new feed there.

Thanks for following!

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