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Oh, Outlook, You Dark Mistress

My children want you to know that I broke my Outlook fast during our vacation together in Australia and New Zealand. I checked work email after two weeks of my (supposed to be three week) work email fast. As you can see from the photo, we were having a very laid back time, with nary an Orc or Troll around to trouble us.  I was completely relaxed without email, however a 3-hour ferry ride between the southern and northern islands of New Zealand with WIFI afforded me an irresistible opportunity to check in on the work front.

And you know what? My crack team had everything under control. Problems had arisen - and they handled them like the pros they are. Checking in made me more relaxed. Returning to work on Monday was easier because I knew what my priorities were without plowing through 2000 emails in one fell swoop.

I'll be talking about the pros and cons of unplugging in an upcoming podcast with William Tincup and Sharlyn Lauby, and also on DriveThru HR radio on September 25th.

Let me know - where do you come down on the topic of staying connected to work when you're on vacation?


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