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Monthly Recap: February 2023 at The Workforce Institute

Missed any recent insights, research, or podcasts from The Workforce Institute at UKG? Look no farther than our monthly recap! Here’s a look at our conversations from February 2023.

The Impact of Work on Mental Health
It’s no secret that work plays a major role in employees’ mental health. Just how much? Dive into our latest research to find out.

Super Bowl Survey: Will We See a Spike in Absenteeism?Every year, millions of people miss work because of the Super Bowl. Check out the results from our annual survey on employee absenteeism surrounding the big game.

From Candy to Punk Rock: Get to Know Laurie RuettimannGet to know advisory board member Laurie Ruettimann in one of our newest recurring features. Learn how Laurie went from working at a candy factory to hosting a popular HR podcast.

The People Purpose Podcast: The Travel Episode
Co-hosts Chas Fields and Julie Develin talk all about business travel, but you won’t have to travel far to listen to this podcast.

Managers and Mental Health: The Workforce Institute Weigh-In
Continuing our conversation about the impact of work on mental health, our advisory board weighs in on how managers can support their employees.

Introducing “HR Hot Takes” from The Workforce Institute at UKG
Besides our “Get to Know” interview series, we’ve introduced a new feature this year on our LinkedIn page. Read all about this new video series, “HR Hot Takes.”

Dr. Jessica Kriegel, Enrique Rubio, and Dr. Jarik Conrad Join The Workforce Institute
We’re pleased to welcome two new members to our advisory board of experts, as well as a new executive director at the institute. Discover more about them today.

Show Your Work: How Managers Can Gain Greater Buy-in from Employees
Sharlyn Lauby explores one of our 2023 Workplace Predictions — the importance of “showing the work” — from a manager’s perspective, in the first of a two-part series.

The People Purpose Podcast: The Cost of Doing Nothing in HR
To wrap up the month, Chas and Julie discuss the high price of low productivity, and how HR automation can save valuable time and money.

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