Meeting the Global Workforce

We’re having a big week here at Kronos.  It’s our 35th anniversary as a company this week, and over 160 of our international sales and marketing employees are here to kick off our new fiscal year.  My colleagues Michele and Chris and their teams did a fantastic job yesterday creating opportunities for the 1000+ employees in our Chelmsford location to meet their colleagues from around the world.

We had a grand opening for our newly-decked-out Kronos Technology Center with our Governor, Congresswoman and a variety of local dignitaries in attendance.  This was followed by a fair hosted by our international colleagues with food and mementos of their home countries.  That’s me sporting a ceremonial hat and bindi below.

Especially as a technology company, we spend a lot of time connecting with each other via technology.  It’s awfully nice to have the opportunity to meet in person once in a while.

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