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Leading Complex Change Efforts - a Conversation with Lisa Pratt

Today's post is submitted by Joyce Maroney, Executive Director of the Workforce Institute. Read on and listen in to learn about the nuts and bolts of leading complex change efforts required to drive organizational transformation.

We publish a lot of content here about the importance of engaging employees as a means of driving superior results. One of my Kronos colleagues, Lisa Pratt, has recently been recognized for her skills at doing just that.

Lisa is the Vice President of Customer Engagement Marketing at Kronos and was recently recognized by the Great Place to Work Institute as one of their Top Ten Innovators of the Year. I sat down with Lisa recently to ask about the strategies she's used to drive complex change efforts at Kronos as we've sought to transform ourselves into an award winning Customer First SaaS organization.

In our conversation we talk about:

  • How to drive a major change effort without boiling the proverbial ocean?
  • How to use employee communications to solicit insights and to keep people aligned with the bigger mission.
  • How to brand a major change effort so that employees and external stakeholders are clear on the desired end game.
  • How does Lisa manage herself - and others expectations - under pressure?
  • What are the top three things listeners should consider before they even start a change effort?

Listen in on our conversation by clicking on the player below:

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