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Laboring at What You Love

As another work week draws to a close, I'd like to share an article I wrote for this week's Barnstable Patriot.  My brother-in-law is an associate editor of this weekly paper on Cape Cod, working at keeping the fourth estate alive on the upper Cape.

The article is about an interview I did with Don White, a folk singer from Lynn, Massachusetts.  I've been a fan for many years, and have always been curious about how he's managed to keep himself motivated to pursue his musical career ( for decades) while continuing to work a day job installing security systems.  Although Don principally earns a living from his music now, doing occasional contract security work on the side, he's earned the luxury of focusing most of his energy on what he loves through practice and persistence.

My conversation with Don got me thinking about how many of us harbor desires to break free of the 9-to-5 in order to pursue more creative or personally fulfilling pursuits.  Most of us aren't willing to make the sacrifices of financial security or time required to make those dreams a reality like Don White did.

Ed Maroney, my brother-in-law, did.  He made the break from a secure hospital administration job to becoming a journalist on the Cape many years ago, pursuing a dream that began for him as a very young man.  Kudos to you, Ed.  You've done good work.

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