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Kronos Recipe for Customer Success

Kronos has a long track record of building our business by creating satisfied and loyal customers.  As this most recent press release concerning our Q2 financial performance confirms, our growth has been consistently strong, even as we've transitioned our technology to the cloud, expanded globally and earned numerous awards for our culture.  It's hard to accelerate growth, product innovationemployee experience, and customer satisfaction simultaneously, but that's what Kronos has done - by design.

As is the case with the development of our technology, we continually assess and refine our customer service strategy.  On the customer satisfaction front, we've recently received significant recognition.  For the 18th consecutive year, Kronos was awarded the Omega Northface award for excellent customer support.  In addition, our vice president of global customer success, Jennifer Dearman, was recognized on the Mindtouch annual list of the Top 100 Customer Success Strategists.

Recently, I sat down with Jennifer and vice president of global professional services Kristina Lengyel to talk about what it takes to meet and exceed customer expectations while delivering sophisticated technology solutions.  As Kristina said during our conversation, "Customers are purchasing an experience"; i.e. our job is just starting when we implement the products.  Especially since we've moved to software as a service as our primary model, our customers expect that we'll lead them to better results in their organizations while alleviating them of the burden of managing that software.

We talked about how Kristina and Jennifer have worked hard to collaborate across Kronos in order to develop trusted relationships with our clients that accelerate their realization of value from the investments they make in Kronos.  Knocking down organizational siloes is never easy, but these two have led the way on many fronts.

You can learn a lot more about what it takes to exceed at customer satisfaction by listening in our our conversation below.






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