Join our Affordable Care Act Tweet Chat on Thursday 5/16 at Noon EST

Please join us this Thursday (5/16) at 12pm EST on Twitter using the hashtag #KronosChat. Kronos will be co-hosting the chat with HR Bartender and discussing the Affordable Care Act.

We’ll touch on data points for our recent survey: Kronos Survey Shows Many Part-Time Employees Confused About Affordable Care Act; Not Getting Much Help From Employers and infographic.

If you haven’t participated in a tweet chat in the past, don’t be intimidated.  One of the easiest ways to participate in a chat like this is to use  It’s free, and makes it easy to follow the thread of the chat and to add comments of your own.  You do need a twitter handle to participate.

Here are the questions we’ll be asking. We’d love your input!

  • Q1: Only 8% of part-time workers say they have heard about the Affordable Care Act from their employers – why is this number so low? And do you think it should be higher at this point?
  • Q2: 31% of part-time workers think the quality of their healthcare will be worse under ACA – do you think they are right or wrong and why?
  • Q3: 45% think their healthcare will cost more – do you think they are right or wrong and why?
  • Q4: What do you think will be the hardest thing for employers about complying with ACA?
  • Q5: 36% of part-time workers say they work more or less than their scheduled hours. what kind of a problem might this pose for employers and do you think we’ll see stricter enforcement of scheduled hours?
  • Q6: 52% of part-time workers think their scheduled hours will change or aren’t sure if they will change under ACA – what do you see happening?
  • Q7: ACA is causing a lot of controversy. Is there a “right” way to manage ACA?

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