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Join Our 12/11 Tweet Chat on Being Present

This post is courtesy of Joyce Maroney, Executive Director of the Workforce Institute at Kronos. We recently published a new book, "Being Present: A Practical Guide for Transforming the Employee Experience of Your Frontline Workers". Please join us on Wednesday, December 11 at noon ET for a tweet chat discussion with a number of our authors. Use the hashtag #KronosChat to join.

In our book, we talk about a number of different strategies that can transform the experience of your frontline workers. We'd love to hear from you about your experience managing - or being - a frontline worker. You can join us at noon ET 12/11/19 at #Kronoschat to add your voice to this conversation. And if you do, you might just get a free link to the e-version of the book!

  1. Many jobs require employees to be present to do their jobs. We call these frontline employees.  How can organizations provide them with schedule flexibility?  
  2. What are effective techniques to improve frontline employee experience and morale? 
  3. What are effective ways to collect insights and opinions from frontline employees? 
  4. As artificial intelligence and robotics technologies have an increasing presence and impact in the workplace, what skills will workers need to be successful in these hybrid workplaces? 
  5. Access to information can allow employees to make better decisions faster. What kinds of information can the frontline worker use to be more engaged and productive at work?  
  6. When it comes to workforce development, what's the responsibility of the employee vs. their manager?  
  7. What skills make someone an effective leader?  And how do you hold leaders accountable for developing those skills? 
  8. Millennials and Gen Zers represent the majority of active workers.  How do their needs and concerns differ in your workplace from those of their older peers?   
  9. How are schools and companies partnering to close skills gaps and improve talent pipelines? 
  10. How should organizations take care of their people in a crisis?  

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