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Innovation in HR Practices at Hennepin County

Today's post is submitted by Joyce Maroney, Executive Director of The Workforce Institute at Kronos.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Rossman, the Chief Human Resources Officer of Hennepin County in Minneapolis, MN. Michael is a longtime Hennepin County employee having spent more than twenty years working in various capacities in the county. He is now responsible for human resources strategy and execution covering all of the 8,000-plus employees in the county.  Being an HR leader is never easy, but can be particularly challenging in the public sector.  Within the next 2-5 years, it's estimated that Hennepin County will face a workforce shortage of 100,000 jobs.  In my conversation with Michael, he shared how he pursues innovation in HR practices in order to recruit and retain the workers they'll need.  Among other topics we discussed:

  • Strategies for attracting workers to public sector jobs;
  • The value of establishing employee affinity groups;
  • Empowering HR to build the workforce of the future;
  • The critical importance of employee development and how to fund it; and
  • Developing leaders to take the place of a quickly retiring workforce.

You can listen to my conversation with Michael Rossman below:

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