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How Resilient are You?

Today's post/podcast is submitted by Joyce Maroney, Executive Director of the Workforce Institute. In it, she speaks with meQuilibrium CEO Jan Bruce and VP R&D Lucy English about why it's important for everyone to ask themselves, "How resilient am I?"

Kronos Inc. recently forged a partnership with meQuilibrium in order to offer our mutual customers the ability to to extend their resilience measurement and development capabilities to our Workforce Dimensions workforce management platform. I recently had the opportunity to meet with members of the leadership team at meQuilibrium to talk about what they mean by resilience, how they measure it, why it's important in the workplace and what solutions they have to help organizations become more resilient.

CEO Jan Bruce and VP of Research and Development Lucy English discussed the following topics with me:

  • What is resilience in the workplace, and why is it important?
  • How do you measure the resilience of individuals and teams?
  • How do you know these measures are meaningful; i.e. where's the proof that they make a difference in the workplace?
  • How can leaders use this data to optimize the resilience of teams and organizations?
  • How do they convince skeptics to explore how resilience - or a lack thereof - is affecting their organizations?

You can listen in on our conversation by clicking on the player below.

If you'd like to learn more about meQuilibrium's work, you may want to check out their latest whitepaper "Resilience and Agility: The Dynamic Duo for the New World of Work." I find their work to be very interesting - and different from other wellness kinds of services I've experienced before. meQuilibrium evaluates physical, mental, and attitudinal elements to create a truly 360 degree evaluation of each individual's current resilience, then tailors content and exercises to help individuals strengthen their resilience. Likewise, they help leaders understand how resilient their teams and organizations are and how to develop greater resilience where needed.

How resilient are you? How resilient is your organization?

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