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How Mobile Is Your HR Technology? How Mobile Should It Be?

mobile phone userWorkforce Institute board members Sharlyn Lauby and John Hollon joined me for a discussion of how quickly mobile technology is transforming HR.  John is Vice President for Editorial at ERE Media, the go-to source for information and conferences in the human resources and recruiting industries; and Sharlyn is the HR Bartender and President of ITM Group Inc., a training company focused on developing programs to retain and engage talent in the workplace.

Increasingly, HR leaders are grappling with the proliferation of mobile devices and the need for mobile applications for their employees.  And as John notes in our conversation, Gartner has recently predicted that more than 50% of organizations will require their employees to bring their own devices to work by 2017.

According to Gartner, "BYOD drives innovation for CIOs and the business by increasing the number of mobile application users in the workforce. Rolling out applications throughout the workforce presents myriad new opportunities beyond traditional mobile email and communications. Applications such as time sheets, punch lists, site check-in/check-out, and employee self-service HR applications are just a few examples."  

Is your organization moving in this direction?  How prepared are you for the practical (device support, security) and policy (overtime, privacy) implications of more mobile devices in your environment?  If you'd like to hear our discussion of the questions below, you can listen in on our discussion here:

  • Mobile HR has been a hot topic for several years now - what are you both seeing in terms of actual adoption? Has implementation lived up to hype?
  • What are the major challenges employers face in devising a mobile HR strategy?
  • What advice would you give to employers on getting started?
  • Tablet versus smart phone - do you think one opportunity is bigger than the other for employers?
  • What impact does the Bring Your Own Device phenomenon or BYOD have on HR? What implications does it have in terms of policy?
  • What changes do you think we'll see over the next 3-5 years?


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