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How Meaningful ESG Drives Performance

Today’s post comes to us from Workforce Institute Executive Director, Dr. Chris Mullen, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP, SPHR and features a conversation with Workforce Institute board member, John Frehse.

We’re proud to share the latest installment of “No Suits, No Slides.”Joining Workforce Institute board member John Frehse, senior managing director at Ankura, and Dave Gilbertson, a vice president at UKG leading the monthly UKG Workforce Activity Report initiative, this time around are two new esteemed guests from Ankura: Tom Crawford, chief development officer, and Shawn Miles, senior managing director of social impact and community engagement.

Today’s discussion is all about the importance of companies establishing meaningful ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs — not just for the betterment of their communities, but also their people.

As we’ve seen in many aspects of business during the pandemic, organizations slow to adapt to employees’ evolving needs are feeling the impacts. That’s true for companies lacking ESG and CSR initiatives, as employees increasingly prefer to work at companies that share their values and support causes they’re passionate about. And with millions of workers leaving their current jobs, or the workforce altogether, ESG and CSR programs are quickly becoming difference makers in the ongoing war for talent.

Far beyond the business case, though, it’s about doing the right thing for society and people. Listen in below for an insight conversation on the current landscape.

There’s so much more to be covered, you’ll have to tune into part two of this chat — what companies can do about this vital issue — coming soon to The Workforce Institute. For now, you can catch up on previous episodes of “No Suits, No Slides” via the links below.

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