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Healthcare is always a hot topic in the US.  From the fate of the Affordable Care Act to the continually rising costs of healthcare services, it’s a top of mind issue for employers and their workers.  In March, over 40,000 attendees gathered in Las Vegas for the annual HIMMS conference to learn about how information and technology are being used to improve the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of health and healthcare.  According to the 2018 HIMMS U.S. Leadership and Workforce Survey  results released during the conference, cybersecurity and data analytics are the top two IT concerns for healthcare industry IT leaders.  This survey also revealed that while IT executives are having an increasing influence within hospital settings, they are also challenged to staff their projects with 51% indicating “their organization elected to place on hold or scale back an IT project or initiative in the past year due to a workforce challenge”.

I recently interviewed two guests for the Workforce Institute Radio podcast who can shed more light on these and other challenges for IT leaders in healthcare.  Joe Cabral is chief human resources officer and president of workforce Solutions at Press Ganey Associates.  Press Ganey partners with healthcare providers across the continuum of care to create and ​sustain a high-performance environment that will improve the patient experience.  My second guest was John Short, a Kronos professional services practice director focused on our US healthcare customers with many years of experience helping organizations to deploy technology that will help them achieve better employee and patient experience.

We discussed what they are both hearing from the executives at the healthcare organizations they work with when it comes to the role technology can play in improving patient outcomes and making the delivery of health services more efficient and cost effective. You’ll hear from Joe and John how predictive analytics and artificial have the potential to transform healthcare delivery systems as we know them while improving the experience of both patients and healthcare professionals.

You can listen in on our conversation below.




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  1. Cool to hear, it was nice podcast Focusing on delivering Cost effective and quality healthcare and to improve both patients and professional experience, Similarly I listened a podcast about Patient Centric approach by Medreach Knowledge Sharing Forum ( https://knowledge.medreach.in/) which given me a lot’s of input. I will share the link to the podcast ( https://knowledge.medreach.in/t/episode-12-reimagining-healthcare-through-patient-centred-care-mr-arunprasad/1164).

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