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What happens when the Boomers are gone and the Millennials are in charge?


According to Pew Research, the Millennials have finally overtaken Boomers in the workforce.  This demographic shift has a lot of repercussions in the workplace.  For years we've been talking about similarities and differences between the generations at work.  The stereotypes abound - Milliennials are digital natives, Boomers have trouble with the remote control; Millennials want it all now, Boomers worked their way up the ladder, etc.

Whether some of these multi-generations cliches are true or not, the Millennials are entering the management ranks as they mature and their Boomer bosses start to head for the retirement exit ramp.  What happens now?

I had that conversation recently with two of our Workforce Institute board members, Dan Schawbel and John-Anthony Meza.  Dan is a bestselling author and founder of, a research and advisory membership service for HR professionals, as well as managing partner of Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and consulting firm.  John-Anthony is the Human Resources Officer (HRO) for the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP), where as a member of the senior leadership team, he provides strategic leadership and direction for all facets of human resources.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • What is different about Millennials?
  • How should organizations be preparing for the Boomer brain drain?
  • What skills do Millennials need to develop in order to assume leadership roles?

You can listen to our conversation here.

What do you think? Is the rise of the Millennial Manager the dawn of a new age, or more of the same?

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