Goodbye HR Tech, Hello KronosWorks 2008! 

This has been a very busy week – Dallas Sunday through Tuesday for our annual Sales and Service kickoff and Chicago Wednesday through Friday for the HR Technology show. I wrote this post sitting at Gate K8 at O’Hare waiting for a flight to Orlando where I’ll spend the next 5 days at our annual customer conference, KronosWorks.

I don’t travel a lot in my current job, and it’s energizing to get out of the office and have the chance to talk to coworkers, customers and old friends in person. HR Tech, in particular, was old home week for me as many friends and former colleagues and partners from my BrassRing days were there.

Mitzi Adwell, James Sale, Kelly Cartwright and Ed Newman of the Newman Group– thanks for the fun dinner and great conversation Thursday night.

Tom Kramer, John Haworth and Mark Lange – you were all great marketing leaders in your turn at BR. It was wonderful to catch up with you.

Mike Hennessey – looks like Smashfly is taking off. I’ll keep watching and wishing you great success!

Gary Gang of HRMC– Keep on keeping on – in Phoenix or Atlanta.

Starr Tincup Lads – thanks for the drink and for the introduction to Jerome Ternynck from Kronos partner MrTed. I hope Hilary Clinton makes it home safely!

George Larocque, sales leader extraordinaire – I wish you well at Arbita

Elaine Orler of Knowledge Infusion – looking forward to talking to you more about the Workforce Institute board of directors.

Judy Duff and Amy Tatarka of – even though you didn’t win the Talent Management shootout, your application looks great and I was truly impressed with the breadth of your offering.

Now, off to KronosWorks. If you’re going, or wish you were, join our Facebook group.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye HR Tech, Hello KronosWorks 2008! 

  1. Always a pleasure to see you, Joyce. It’s really easy to put good people together. Hope the show was as productive for you as it was for us. Hillary Clinton made it home just fine – but she got really drunk on the flight.

  2. Hi Joyce it was great to see you. Although it was a ton of work the shootout was fun and all in all a great success. Thanks for the plug, glad you liked it!

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