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Game, Set, Match: Google

Today's post comes to us courtesy of board member John Frehse, senior managing director at Ankura Consulting Group.

Does your company provide employees with access to information in a useful format? You may think the answer to this question is “yes”, but, at the risk of sounding harsh, I'm guessing it's actually “no”.

Here's why: Google. Your employees have grown accustomed to having access to any information they may want at any time, from anyplace thanks to our friends at Google. Whether it is through Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, or any other platform they own, Google does one thing better than anyone else: they provide access to information in a breathtakingly simple, fast and useful format.

Need to fix something? Watch a tutorial on YouTube. Need to know how many kilometers are in a mile? Google it (the answer is 1.6, FYI). Need to find the closest gas station that is open 24 hours on your way home from that concert that went until midnight? You know the drill. And so do your employees.

In short, Google is enabling your employees to win on a daily basis.
So, with that in mind, back to my first question: are you providing your employees with access to information in a useful format? Compared to you-know-who?

Now that you have answered “no”, understand: you are not alone.

Unfortunately, this super search mentality has just not transferred to many workplaces. Rather than Googling information in milliseconds (for example, I recently Googled “analytics” and got 683,000,000 results in .79 seconds and Google's algorithms put the most relevant results on the first page for me - thank you, Google!), massive data requests arrive days late and then hours are spent using pivot tables and other processes to find the answer. By the time results are tabulated, the information is old and worth very little, leaving your employees in the dark with zero access to relevant information to enable success.

Does this make Google your enemy? I don't think so. Instead, I think we all need to see Google as our coach on Team Analytics.

Analytical tools are one way to enable winning in the workplace. Instead of crunching data in Excel for hours and hours or even days and weeks, analytical tools can act like Google, organizing large data sets into useful tables and charts, allowing everyone to make better decisions faster.

Whether you are an hourly employee or salaried, everyone wants to win. At the end of each day, it is not just the money that drives satisfaction but one's ability to have an impact, make a difference, and drive results. Without access to information in a useful format, employees struggle to be effective, have visibility into results, and feel genuine satisfaction.

So keep Coach Google in mind as you develop your analytics strategy. Google may be known for self-driving cars, crazy-looking glasses, cat videos and the best cafeterias in town, but what they are really known for, what they do better than anyone else is one thing: they empower employees with useful data quickly and in a simple format that they can use to make smarter decisions faster.

So whatever it is your organization is known for, don't lose sight of the fact that without access to good information quickly, your employees are losing. With better analytics, we all win big.

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