Is Employee Engagement Ever a Bad Thing? (Market Basket Saga Continued)

Fox appearance 8.14.14I was interviewed on the local Fox affiliate last week to talk about the ongoing Market Basket standoff between employees and management.   Part time employees have lost their hours and many salaried employees are about to lose their jobs.  The news anchor who interviewed me asked if this situation is an example of employee loyalty going too far.  You can watch the interview and hear my response here.

What do you think? Is there such a thing as employee engagement and loyalty going too far?  What kinds of negative outcomes could you foresee?

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2 thoughts on “Is Employee Engagement Ever a Bad Thing? (Market Basket Saga Continued)

  1. I can imagine that being possible, for example an employee covering up illegal practices at the company due to loyalty. But is it really a problem we are often dealing with or just a theoretical issue? Most of US employees are disengaged, and most companies should worry about increasing workers’ involvement, not being concerned about too much of it.

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