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Chatting About Valuing Your Workforce with David Creelman

I chatted last week with our board member David Creelman about how companies can maximize the contribution of their frontline workforce and how they might report that value to investors in the future.  David has been deeply involved in a SHRM-led effort to develop an ANSI standard for what human capital information should be reported to investors.  As it turns out, some controversy has arisen about this effort between SHRM and the  Human Resources Policy Association, a lobbying group that includes HR leaders from more than 300 of the largest US organizations.  The former are lobbying for more transparency for investors when it comes to valuing an organization's workforce.  The latter argue that reporting these metrics would place an unecessary administrative burden on organizations.

As a special bonus, we also talked about David's chapter in our book, Elements of Successful Organizations.  Here he talks about what organizations can do to embrace employees' unique strengths to better their business, while balancing that against the needs for product, process and services standards needed for scale.

Listen to the podcast below and take our poll to let us know where you come down on the workforce metrics issue:

9.6.12 Chat with David Creelman

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