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The Availability Trap

In the hospitality sector, many of us have fallen into what I think of as “the availability trap”: running our consumer-facing businesses on the whim of a 17-year-old who wants to work, but also attend band practice three afternoons a week.
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Analytics Moves HR Towards Being a Strategic Partner

A recent research report “Beyond HR Metrics: HR Analytics” issued by the organization where I work, International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR), sheds light on why and how public sector HR professionals are implementing HR analytics programs at their organizations.
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2019 Predictions from the Workforce Institute

Every year at this time, we ask our board members around the world what they think will be the most important workplace trends in the coming year. Although we usually have tried to limit ourselves to 5 top trends, this year we found 6 recurring themes among the prognostications of this insightful group.
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Developing Generation Z Leaders

Today's post comes to us from Workforce Institute board member and Cal Poly Pomona Chief Employment Officer Dennis Miller.  Generation Z leaders are coming up.  What is your organization doing to develop them? A recent report from Workforce 2020 titled “The Leadership Cliff”, seems especially useful when contemplating how to start the process of leadership development […]
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Artificial intelligence and creativity are both required in a modern world of work

The Human Power Behind Artificial Intelligence

This blog post about how the new world of work needs to make use of artificial intelligence and human creativity is courtesy of our German Workforce Institute Board Member Dr. Steffi Burkhart. Für die deutsche Version dieses Posts, klicken Sie hier. The speed of technological progress is already making some jobs of today redundant. In […]
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Mapping the Journey to a Great Employee Experience

Today's post is courtesy of board member Bob Clements, President at Axsium Group,  a leading workforce management consulting firm. One of the hottest topics in HR today is the employee experience, which can be defined as the sum of every interaction between an employee and employer from hire to retire. Creating a great employee experience helps […]
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Would you encourage your child to consider a career in manufacturing?

Our recent survey indicates parents aren't encouraging their kids to consider careers in manufacturing - but they should be.
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Take These 3 Steps to Start a Manager Onboarding Program

Our board member and author Sharlyn Lauby shares her insights on the importance of onboarding new managers to boost their effectiveness as leaders.
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Upping Your Employee Feedback Game

Lots of managers can improve their employee feedback game. Here are 6 techniques to try.
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As Summer Recedes, Put Engaging with Your Employees Front and Center

Our board member Chris Mullen shares his advice about creating meaningful conversations with employees.
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Recruitment and Retention Remain Top Public Sector Employer Challenges

WFI board member and Executive Director of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR) shares research on the state of recruitment and retention challenges for public sector employers.
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Who's in charge of making you a leader?

You don't become a leader by waiting for somebody to ask. six recommendations to move ahead.
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