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Are Your Employees Feeling Economic Anxiety? Try Using Technology

Caring about your employees’ feelings, especially about the economy, might seem like it’s beyond your scope of day-to-day leadership, but it’s not. Great leaders recognize that the lines of life and work often blur, and what’s going on beyond the walls of your organization can, and often will, impact your people inside the organization.
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The People Purpose Podcast: HR Tech Recap and Chat

The People Purpose Podcast "HR Tech Recap and Chat": Chas and Julie are back to recap the HR Tech Conference & Expo they recently attended in Las Vegas and provide an overview of HR trends trends they noticed, including the big focus on recruitment and retention technology.
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Taking Action with HR Data: What People Analytics Can Actually Achieve

Guest post from UKG's Teresa Smith on what people analytics can actually achieve and how to get started.
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A Leap Forward in People Analytics

Workforce Institute board member David Creelman writes about the next frontier in people analytics.
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A Year of COVID-19: Working Through a Global Pandemic

A look back at a year of working through the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Talking HR Technology with The HR Bartender

Chris Mullen and Sharlyn Lauby talk HR technology on this podcast.
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Re-thinking the Traditional Path to Work

Executive director of The Workforce Institute Chris Mullen looks at the trends around corporate training programs and the future of the traditional college experience.
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Never Do Anything Twice: Robotic Process Automation and No Code Software

Workforce Institute board members Martin Armstrong and David Creelman write about the RPA, low-code and no-code software revolution.
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Responding to the Challenge of Employee Monitoring

Workforce Institute board member David Creelman writes about the growing trend of employee monitoring.
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Our 2021 Annual Workplace Predictions

Director of The Workforce Institute at UKG Chris Mullen reveals WFI's 2021 Workplace Predictions.
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You and Your Working Digital Double

Workforce Institute board member Christian Kromme writes about the future of work with your digital double.
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How Technology Enhances Frontline Worker Experience

Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Benefits Administration at The Claremont Colleges Dennis Miller discusses how to ensure that technology enhances frontline worker experience.
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