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Are You Prepared for the Future of Work?

The “Future of Work” is a topic written about often, and while no one can predict the future with certainty, there are some facts that can be used to paint a picture of what is likely to occur.
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Does Gen Z Love Gig Work?

Our newest research says that #Gen Z love the flexibility of #GigWork but still desire the benefits of traditional jobs. They key is to give them both.
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Work that Excites and People who Inspire

Today's post is submitted by two-time Kronos intern Megan Grenier. Last summer she wrote about communication in a multi-generational workplace. Here she makes the case that a great internship consists of work that excites and people who inspire.
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Engage with Empathy: 3 Ways Managers Can Connect with Gen Z - From a Gen Zer

Today's post is from Amy Lupica, an intern at Kronos. In this post, Amy reflects on our recent Gen Z research and discusses why managers need to engage with empathy to help young employees thrive at work. Each day, workers experience complex and often frustrating challenges that simply cannot be avoided. No one is spared: […]
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WFI Board on Gen Z Workplace Research

This post is submitted by Joyce Maroney, Executive Director of the Workforce Institute. Last week, we had a lively tweetchat with our WFI board on Gen Z workplace research. We also heard from a number of tweeters outside of our WFI circle If you didn't catch it live, you can read the whole stream at […]
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Talk to us about Gen Z!

Talk to us at noon on July 11 to share your perspectives on how Gen Z will fare in the workplace.
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What You Didn't Know about Generation Z Work Habits

My company, Future Workplace, recently worked with The Workforce Institute on a global study of over 3,000 Gen Z's and discovered new details about how they view themselves and the type of work culture they are interested in.
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Meet Gen Z - Optimistic and Anxious

Our newest research indicates that Gen Z is optimistic and anxious about their professional prospects. We offer insights to help you help them.
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Why Don't Soft Skills Get More Respect?

It's surprising that soft skills get so little respect in today's workplace. Look at any job description posted for just about any job. What you'll find is a long list of very specific technical skills that are required, as well as specific job experience the hiring manager wants. Rarely, if ever, will you find anything directly addressing any soft skills that the job candidate needs to possess.
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agility in a vuca world

The Benefit of the Millennial Mindset in a VUCA World

Today's post is courtesy of board member Steffi Burkhart. Um diesen Artikel auf deutsch zu lesen, klicken Sie hier. Although the baby boomer generation is the largest and most powerful in terms of purchasing power, I would argue that my generation, millennials, are the most influential age group in the digital era. We are the key to solving many of the world and economic problems that lie ahead, not only because we have […]
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The Availability Trap

In the hospitality sector, many of us have fallen into what I think of as “the availability trap”: running our consumer-facing businesses on the whim of a 17-year-old who wants to work, but also attend band practice three afternoons a week.
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Developing Generation Z Leaders

Today's post comes to us from Workforce Institute board member and Cal Poly Pomona Chief Employment Officer Dennis Miller.  Generation Z leaders are coming up.  What is your organization doing to develop them? A recent report from Workforce 2020 titled “The Leadership Cliff”, seems especially useful when contemplating how to start the process of leadership development […]
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