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A Time for Guardian Values

Today's post is submitted by our board member David Creelman. David is the CEO of Creelman Research and a widely respected authority on HR analytics. Here he talks about how the COVID-19 pandemic is causing a shift to Guardian values in many organizations. In business, we have a set of ethical principles that author Jane Jacobs describes […]
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In Search of Productivity

If you are in search of productivity gains, one area to take a good look at for these savings is in our organizational structures. Over time, and rarely by design, our organization hierarchies may grow taller and thinner, but not more effective.
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Can You Run Payroll in the Eye of a Hurricane?

Lower Manhattan was plunged into darkness at about 9:00 PM on October 29, 2012. Hurricane Sandy was at its peak, and the superstorm was hammering New York City and the northeastern seaboard with torrential winds and driving rains. One of my clients at the time was a not-for-profit, home-healthcare provider based in New York City. My client knew that, in order for its employees to be ready to git the ground running, payroll had to be run on-time despite the superstorm.
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Don't Ask Your Manager!

Organizations that push accountability to the front line know that employees will step up and grab it. Little things like being allowed to make decisions about replacing a dropped ice cream for a crying child, refunding an elderly gentleman who has purchased the wrong charging cable, pulling a disabled guest to the front of a queue - all make employees feel valued and responsible for business outcomes.
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Sustainable Workforce Management

Organizations tend to think about and plan for potential scarcities. However, many large companies fail to understand how to sustain their workforces.
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3 Tips for Effective Global Professional Services

Claire Richardson, director, the Workforce Institute at Kronos & vice president EMEA Professional Services, Kronos knows a lot about how to design and deliver effective global professional services that will exceed the expectations of her clients.
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How to Create a Trusting Company Culture

Trust is important. Customers want to trust the businesses from whom they purchase products and services. Employees want to trust the companies where they work. Trust is the top driver of employee engagement. And companies with employee engagement strategies outperform those without by 3 times, according to O.C.Tanner.
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Agile is the ______ Way to Implement Enterprise Software

Software implementations are a lot like Mad Libs. Just as Mad Libs provides the framework of a story that the players need to complete, the software license provides a framework of a solution that the project team needs to complete. The difference is that success with an implementation is measured by the ROI of meeting business requirements, which is considerably less silly (although arguably more rewarding) than the story produced by a Mad Lib.
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Online Community - Engagement at Scale

This blog post is submitted by Joyce Maroney, Executive Director of the Workforce Institute at Kronos.   Your employees and customers are talking about you online whether or not you build an online community platform for them.  Many organizations, though, are actively hosting communities that enable communication between their employees, and between their employees and customers or partners.  Doing so requires a level of transparency and authentic communication that may feel […]
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The Availability Trap

In the hospitality sector, many of us have fallen into what I think of as “the availability trap”: running our consumer-facing businesses on the whim of a 17-year-old who wants to work, but also attend band practice three afternoons a week.
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Corrosive Effects of Unplanned Absenteeism on Retailers

Today's post is submitted by Joyce Maroney, executive director of the Workforce Institute at Kronos. According to a recent survey of 800 retail managers across multiple countries we conducted with our research partner Coleman Parkes,  for every 10 hours of in-store labor budgeted, more than one hour is wasted due to staffing misalignment caused by […]
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Podcast: Future of Healthcare Technology

Healthcare providers need the help that information technology can provide when it comes to improving both employee and patient experience.
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