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Month(s) in Review: January and February 2021 at The Workforce Institute at UKG

Workforce Institute executive director Chris Mullen catches you up on all things Workforce Institute.
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Our 2021 Annual Workplace Predictions

Director of The Workforce Institute at UKG Chris Mullen reveals WFI's 2021 Workplace Predictions.
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Month in Review: October 2020 at The Workforce Institute at UKG

Director of The Workforce Institute Chris Mullen recaps key content for the month of October.
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Why Companies Must Embrace Technology to Support Workplace Mental Health

Workforce Institute board member Dan Schawbel writes about the importance of employers supporting the mental health of their employees.
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You and Your Working Digital Double

Workforce Institute board member Christian Kromme writes about the future of work with your digital double.
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In the Future We'll All Be Programmers

Author and Futurist Christian Kromme forecasts a world in which we'll all be programmers.
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What is Digital Transformation and Why is it Important?

There's lots of talk about digital transformation but do we really know what it means? And everything that's involved?
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The Social Life of Information (reprise)

I recently had occasion to re-read a 20-year-old book on how people share information. There is every reason to believe that a book about information, written back in the days when the internet was still quite new, would be rather ridiculous today. But the truth was quite the opposite.
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Our 2020 Global Workforce Predictions

We've polled our board members - as we've done every year for over a decade- to generate our annual global workforce predictions. Please read, enjoy, and let us know your reactions.
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Where Do Humans Fit in an AI World?

We all want to know what it means to be a human when technology seems to be consuming everything around us. Over the years, the threat of robots, artificial intelligence and machine learning has caused great speculation, fear and worry.
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Work and Life in 2030

Imagine it is 2030. Today, it's quite normal to communicate with your computer in the same way you interact with human beings. You can use natural language, show your emotions, and use gestures and your computer understands you.
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AI and Emerging Technologies - the Control Conundrum

I do believe there is a myth that AI will take jobs away. I believe AI is going to free people from the mundane and focus them on where their efforts and expertise matters can make an impact and deliver value.
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