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Telecommuting is Great - But Not For Everyone

Tax incentives to create telecommuting jobs are great - except for workers who have to commute.
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Center for State and Local Government Excellence 2019 Workforce Trends Survey

The Center for State and Local Government Excellence recently released their 2019 Workforce Trends survey which found that the top workforce challenges facing U.S. state and local governments are (1) recruitment and retention of qualified personnel with the needed skills for public service and (2) providing competitive compensation. The survey results emphasize the importance of state and local governments adopting innovative practices in order to attract and retain needed staff. Other workforce issues important to state and local governments include employee morale, employee engagement, retaining staff needed for core services, and leadership development.
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How Resilient are You?

Today's post/podcast is submitted by Joyce Maroney, Executive Director of the Workforce Institute. In it, she speaks with meQuilibrium CEO Jan Bruce and VP R&D Lucy English about why it's important for everyone to ask themselves, "How resilient am I?" Kronos Inc. recently forged a partnership with meQuilibrium in order to offer our mutual customers […]
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Engage with Empathy: 3 Ways Managers Can Connect with Gen Z - From a Gen Zer

Today's post is from Amy Lupica, an intern at Kronos. In this post, Amy reflects on our recent Gen Z research and discusses why managers need to engage with empathy to help young employees thrive at work. Each day, workers experience complex and often frustrating challenges that simply cannot be avoided. No one is spared: […]
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2019 Workplace Predictions Realized?

Our board members assess the accuracy of our 2019 workplace predictions. How well did we do?
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#GoT is ending - Absence is Coming

The series finale of Game of Thrones will have a significant impact on absenteeism and workplace productivity on Monday.
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Public Service Recognition Week

National Public Service Recognition Week is one way to say thank you to government workers. Our experts share ideas to attract and retain them year round.
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Dr. Pam Howze on Workforce Development

Dr. Pam Howze of the National Fund for Workforce Solutions explains how they develop un/underemployed workers and connect them to good jobs.
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How Top Firms Compete for Talent

This post is courtesy of Joyce Maroney, Executive Director of the Workforce Institute at Kronos. Kronos recently partnered with the Human Capital Institute to study how high performing organizations compete for talent. Following are some of the key findings of this research. In late 2018, Kronos and HCI studied over 200 organizations to assess their […]
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The How of Working Smarter

We've all heard the expression “Work smarter, not harder” over the years. And while no one can disagree with the concept, the “how to” part can be a bit trickier. So how, exactly, does one go about working smarter?
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Leading Complex Change Efforts - a Conversation with Lisa Pratt

One of my Kronos colleagues, Lisa Pratt, has recently been recognized for her skills at doing just that. Lisa is the Vice President of Customer Engagement Marketing at Kronos and was recently recognized by the Great Place to Work Institute as one of their Top Ten Innovators of the Year. I sat down with Lisa recently to ask about the strategies she's used to drive complex change efforts at Kronos as we've sought to transform ourselves into a Customer First SaaS organization.
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Agile is the ______ Way to Implement Enterprise Software

Software implementations are a lot like Mad Libs. Just as Mad Libs provides the framework of a story that the players need to complete, the software license provides a framework of a solution that the project team needs to complete. The difference is that success with an implementation is measured by the ROI of meeting business requirements, which is considerably less silly (although arguably more rewarding) than the story produced by a Mad Lib.
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