Catch Up on the Top Ten Most Popular Workforce Institute Posts for 2014

burgess meredith twilight zoneSince many of you will be enjoying some well earned downtime over the next two weeks, you may be looking for reading material to break up the non-stop viewings of Miracle on 34th Street and Scrooged. Career management and the Market Basket saga dominated the top ten most popular posts from the Workforce Institute this year.  I’m not sure what to read into this, but perhaps it shows how much people want to get more out of their work lives, and how fascinated they are by the rare situation where employees are passionately attached to their employer and colleagues.

My favorite marathon during year end is the Syfy Twilight Zone marathon.  This starts at 8:00 am on December 31st and continues through the early morning hours of New Year’s Day.  For one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes of all time, about a guy who doesn’t like his job very much, scroll to the bottom of this post to see the end of the episode “Time Enough at Last”.

Top 10 Posts of 2014:

  1. Managing Your Career – 4 Rules for Taking Charge
  2. Are Myths You Tell Yourself About Your Career Holding You Back?
  3. The Workforce Institute Board on the Top Five Trends in Workforce Management for 2014
  4. Top 10 Career Myths – and how they hold you back (Part 1)
  5. Market Basket According to the HR Bartender: What Does Employee Engagement Look Like? This.
  6. Market Basket Employees Willing to Fight for Leader
  7. Top 10 Career Myths – and how they hold you back (Part 2)
  8. When will (or did?) wearable technology come to your workplace?
  9. The Scientific Method isn’t Just for Scientists
  10. Is Employee Engagement Ever a Bad Thing? (Market Basket Saga Continued)

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