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How Can HR & Marketing Build Your Brand Together?

Happy (Almost) New Year everybody.  And welcome to the last podcast of 2014.  Coming soon - a new year, new resolutions, and hopefully some new inspiration to drive us all to do some great stuff at work.  In this podcast, I'm chatting with William Tincup, Principal Analyst at Key Interval.  William started Key Interval this year to provide HR professionals with "disciplined, pragmatic research to help practitioners separate fact from anecdote."

William has been working with HR pros and the people who sell to them for many years. This gives him a unique perspective on today's topic - that is how marketing and HR could work together to create cohesion between organizational and employee branding.  Your brand is your promise of value - to customers and employees.  More importantly, your brand reputation is the sum of all the interactions that customers and employees have with you.  What are you doing to burnish that brand?

Listen to the podcast below for our take on these questions, among others:

  • How can HR leverage marketing content to build the employment brand?
  • How does HR help Marketing to build an organization's public brand?
  • How do you manage your brand as an employer in the social media age?
  • Analytics is the way forward to less waste and more results -how does that play out for HR?

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