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Engaged Employees = Happy Customers

[youtube] If I ask you who provides the best customer experience of all the products and services you buy, I bet a couple of names come to mind immediately.  And I also bet that the reason they come to mind is the way their people make you feel.  If an organization's employees make you […]
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Five Tips to Keep Your Employees Healthy

February is American Heart Month and, here at Kronos, we take this initiative seriously - especially on National Wear Red Day. This year, to help do our part in raising awareness about heart disease, Kronites all over the world sported their best red attire via photos shared to the Kronos Live Inspired Facebook page. For each photo […]
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Super Bowl Workplace Impact

We are pleased to announce the results of our January 2016 survey to assess the impact of the Super Bowl on worker absences the next day.  According to the study, 77 percent of American workers plan to watch Super Bowl 50.  The results suggest that one in 10 U.S. workers, or  an estimated 16.5 million employed U.S. […]
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Investing in Frontline Healthcare Workers

This guest post is written by  Fred Dedrick, Executive Director, National Fund for Workforce Solutions.  The National Fund for Workforce Solutions is a growing national partnership of employers, workers, communities and philanthropy that strengthens local economies by implementing demand-driven strategies that create talent supply chains, advance workers into family-supporting careers, and improve workforce development systems.  Read […]
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Workplace Trends for 2016 - Tweet Chat Highlights

We had a very engaging tweet chat today regarding what workplace topics and issues will be the most prevalent in 2016. Based off of The Workforce Institute predictions for 2016, we had quite a few thought leaders weigh in on what they think will be most critical in the coming year - especially when it comes […]
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Top Workplace Trends for 2016

Our intrepid board of advisors* spend a lot of time thinking about issues that impact organizations and their workers.  When we met in Boston in December for a board meeting, we talked about our observations and predictions for the workplace trends that will dominate discussions in 2016.  Did we get it right?  We won't know […]
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Jersey City Medical Center- Improving Health Care Delivery by Investing in Frontline Workers

Today's guest post is by Fred Dedrick, Executive Director, National Fund for Workforce Solutions.  I spoke with Fred a few years back about the National Fund.  You can listen in on that podcast here.  The National fund for Workforce Solutions  is focused on finding effective new ways to prepare low wage workers for careers that can support […]
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The Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2015

Before we all get back to reality and the slow pace of the holiday season is nothing but a memory, let's take some time to reflect on this past year and the topics you found most interesting on this blog. Millennials, boomerang employees, and building transparency in the workplace were among the most popular posts […]
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Celebrating the Workforce - Zookeeper #1in100MM

Loving, protecting, zookeeping: Jenny Theuman does it all. View the latest 1 in One Hundred Million video: [youtube] Jenny Theuman never imagined she'd be a zookeeper. In fact, she spent the early years of her education pursuing culinary arts, but cooking just didn't inspire her. When a college counselor suggested zookeeping, she was instantly […]
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New Retail Metrics to Consider

Today's post concerns retail metrics, and specifically whether retailers need to expand the way they think about the metrics that drive staff scheduling.  Brick and mortar retailers have long relied on traffic metrics to manage their business, provide better forecasting, and schedule their staff according to labor demand. But as the retail business and customer expectations […]
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Kronos Culture of Inspiration & Caring for Our Customers

The relationship between employee engagement and customer service is a topic we cover a lot at the Workforce Institute, including in our new book It's All About Bob/bie - Strategies for Winning With Your Employees.  Here at Kronos we believe that happy employees make happy customers. Think about it: a happy, engaged employee - who believes in the company […]
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Moving to the Cloud is a Strategic Business Decision

Today's guest post is courtesy of our board member, Sharlyn Lauby.  Sharlyn is author of the blog HR Bartender and president of ITM Group Inc., a South Florida based training and human resources consulting firm focused on working with companies to retain and engage talent.  I ran across an article the other day that talked about 2016 being the […]
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