Are Your Managers Effective?

One of our Board members, Kronos Chief People Officer David Almeda, has just published an article on the Great Place to Work website titled “5 Tips to Improve Manager Effectiveness at Your Company”.

The piece looks at Dave and his team’s commitment at Kronos to the mantra that every employee deserves a great manager. Saying this is one thing, but Dave and his team are providing more than just lip service. They have launched a Manager Effectiveness Index, or MEI, using data to validate the powerful link between manager behavior, employee engagement, performance and retention.

Check out Dave’s article here.

It also goes without saying that great HR programs like these don’t happen in a vacuum. As I’ve blogged and podcasted about in the past, a commitment to great managers comes from the very top at Kronos and you can read more about our CEO’s commitment to this idea in this New York Times column from a year ago.

What do you think makes a great manager? How about a terrible one? Let us know in the comments…

3 thoughts on “Are Your Managers Effective?

  1. Improving manager effectives is a fundamental and highly impactful initiative, and when success occurs it is always worth the time and effort. When reading this article and a recent article from Aaron Ain, the Kronos CEO, one thing seems very clear – the CEO and CHRO are completely aligned (which is a powerful team of leadership) on the need to dedicate resources toward an action plan that will allow for measurable progress toward improving manager effectiveness. Instilling this mindset in the fabric of the culture will certainly provide benefits for the entire organization, and ultimately the customers, as even more progress continues to occur. Inspiring initiative…

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