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Are Your Interns Feeling the Love?

This week ends our annual summer intern program.  We've been fortunate to have the fabulous Julia in our group this summer.  She's helped us with a variety of our survey programs and pitched in to call 200+ customers to get more insight from them.  Julia learned that she likes customer contact - an affinity that can serve her well in a lot of different fields of endeavor.

As a couple of our interns note in the video below, we make sure they are working on real projects that are valuable to us. It's a bit more risky and requires more effort from their supervisors to do this.  Why do we do it?  Because we know we need to cultivate great talent for Kronos.   And by making this a memorable and valuable summer for them, we hope we'll be on their short list of employers to consider when their academic life comes to a close.

Good luck to all of the Kronos 2013 interns.  We'll miss you (until we meet again).

You can learn more about our program here.  What are you doing in your organization to build your future talent pipeline?




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