The Always-On Con

Our ‘always-on’ society is considered a positive step-forward for civilisation, but are we convinced?

The Always-On Con is the topic driving a series of debates that will take a closer look at what an always-on society means, weighing the positive and negative consequences of being constantly connected and the effects it’s having on the workforce at large.

Always-On Con Event

The debates

As the debates unfold, so will the truths behind possibly the biggest con of the century. Join the debate.

Always-On Con Event

The event

An evening in the company of industry experts as they debate the pros & cons of our ‘always-on’ society.

Always-On Con Event

The book

WFI will publish a book on The Always-On Con that looks at both sides of the argument in greater depth.

The Always-On Con debates:

The first event in this series will have Julia Hobsbawm OBE, Anastasia Dedyukhina and Bruce Daisley on the debate panel.
This will be an excellent opportunity to network with peers and we’ll have some technology-themed surprises – including the chance to design your own interactive cocktail!

Different perspectives

Things are not always black and white. We’ve pulled together new thoughts and ideas from around the debates that explore more aspects of the conversation.